Sunday, March 23, 2014

Now Accepting Sign-Ups for 2014 Herbal Medicine Shares!

2014 Summer Herbal Medicine Shares!!!

Five months of herbal medicine, May through September

As the garden begins to awaken and the wild greens start to burst from the ground, my thoughts are turning once again to a new season of herbal medicine making. Every year brings new inspirations along with old tried and true recipes. Each growing season I offer an herbal medicine subscription program during the growing season. Each month will feature handcrafted herbal products made with local, chemical-free plants which I grow and wildcraft myself. I believe that the quality of these products is a direct result of working with vibrant, fresh healing herbs, along with my love and respect for the gifts of the green world. Knowledge, experience, creativity and gratitude come together to form unique and nourishing products that preserve the vitality of the plants. I am honored to do this work and share this medicine with my community. 

Each pick-up will include three handcrafted herbal products for first aid or daily use and will be accompanied by an informative e-mail about the products and how to use them.

Folks who come out to pick up their shares will also have the option of taking fresh cut herbs home with them as well.
    Just like a vegetable CSA, the exact contents of your share will depend on the season and what grows well this year. Last year's shares included many products I hope to make again, including...
    • healing salve
    • burn salve
    • skin creams
    • lip balms
    • healing oils
    • relaxing teas
    • wellness elixirs
    • herbal tea blends
    • ...and many others.

    By the end of the season your herbal medicine cabinet will be stocked with lovely handcrafted, locally grown, ethically wildcrafted and chemical-free herbal products.  But...I'm only accepting 20 shares per season. 

    This year's summer herbal medicine share will start in May and run through September. That's five months of herbal goodies to look forward to.

    The cost for the season is...
    $200 per share ($230 with shipping option)

    Each share will be available for pick up the first week of each month.
    Folks can arrange a date and time to come out and pick up their shares.
    I will ship orders out the first Monday of each month.

    Folks in Delaware will be able to pick up their shares this year at a location in the Wilmington area.

    Sign up by e-mailing me at 

    I look forward to making medicine for you this season, and sharing the gifts of the healing plants.