Friday, October 4, 2013

Two New Medicine Shares for the Winter Months...

The winter months are almost upon us.
And so, in the spirit of all that old man winter brings,

Nettlejuice Herbals Announces...

Two herbal medicine shares will be starting in November!

This is the second year I am offering a Winter Wellness Sweet Medicine share. Each month, for four months, folks will receive one bottle of herbal syrup and one bottle of herbal elixir. Every month will feature different formulas designed to get you through the winter months in herbal sweetness. 

This year I am also offering a Winter Skin Cream subscription as well. Each month will feature a different cream handcrafted and infused with herbal goodness. Just the thing to get through the dry winter months.

Details for both of these shares can be found on the pages above.
I will be accepting subscriptions for both shares until November 1st.

May the seasons turn with you in joy and delight.