Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2013 Class Schedule and Medicine Share Info...

photo by Amelia Rehrman
As winter slowly releases it's grip on the land plants begin to emerge and sap begins to run once again. In a few short weeks we will again be greeting some of our favorite healing and tonic plants, and so begins another season of growing, harvesting and medicine making. I've finally got the 2013 class schedule up for the folk herbalism series. Each month I offer a two hour class here at my home and garden outside of Oxford, Pa. All the details can be found here

The first class will be in March and it is always one of my favorites, introducing folks to the edible and tonic spring greens that are commonly referred to as "weeds". We will be identifying, munching and sipping many of the plants folks tend to curse and pull and poison, not realizing they may be exactly what they need to increase their overall health and vigour, especially after the long wither months.

Medicine Shares for the 2013 season are also available now. I have divided the shares into two seasons this year. Each season is three months long, and includes three handcrafted herbal products each month. You can sign up for one or both seasons, and choose to come out to pick up your medicine or have it shipped. I am also working on a pick up location in Delaware, to save some folks a trip. I had so much fun making natural healing products for folks last year, and it was great to hear all your stories about how they came in handy for you as well. All of the details about this year's CSM can be found here.

Also this year, I am hoping to begin having some guest teachers from the area out to offer classes as well. Stay tuned for more info to follow. Anyone with questions about classes or the medicine shares can e-mail me at nettlejuice@gmail.com

In good medicine,