Monday, April 18, 2011

There's some good eatin' out there...

Before the spring garden greens are up Nature offers an array of wild greens that give us just what we need to renew our bodies from a long winter. We've been eating the wild weeds for some weeks now and it is amazing how these strong and nourishing plants really enliven you. I'll be talking about the about plants and more in my Herbal Tonics class on May 21st.

There is a lot of concern about radiation lately and one of the best ways to protect yourself is to alkalize your body and boost your immune system. All dark leafy green are excellent for this, but the wild greens are even better. Get to know your weeds and add them to your diet! For a great article on protecting yourself from radiation go here.

Happy spring foraging.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Herbal Home Health Series

Herbal Home Health Series
Classes throughout the season to help you gain the knowledge and confidence to treat your family's minor emergencies with natural and inexpensive herbal remedies.
Come gather at my house and garden to learn from and work with the healing plants that grow all around us. Each class will involve hands-on experience working with the plants and include an herbal product for you to take home for your natural medicine cabinet.
May 21 (Saturday)  Herbal Tonics--Food as Medicine
  Identify the herbs and weeds that are most nourishing and toning to our systems. Learn how to harvest and use these plants as edibles and infusions. We will gather plants for some in-class preparations. Prevention is the best medicine, and many of the wild plants are loaded with the nutrients we need to stay healthy and energized throughout the season.
June 18 (Saturday) Herbal First Aid
Learn what herbs to reach for when those little emergencies happen. We will look at my favorite plants to turn to for cuts, scrapes, bruises, bleeding, pain, poisoning, diarrhea and other minor emergencies. Nature offers abundant and safe solutions to heal our traumas. We'll be getting to know some of my favorite and most relied upon plants.
July 16 (Saturday) Making Salves and Cremes
Herbal salves and cremes can heal and soothe, stimulate or relax. In this class we'll make some together and look at recipes and techniques for making your own at home.
August 20 (Saturday) Poultices and Fomentations
From chew and stick poultices in the field to carefully prepared fomentations in the kitchen, we'll look at the lost art of laying on the herbs. These techniques are useful for anything from treating minor skin problems to helping broken bones heal faster to drawing out toxins and poisons and infections.
September 18 (Sunday) Putting up the Medicine
Learn to make your own tinctures and liniments to last all winter. Making these herbal extracts is easier than you think. We'll be making some in this class.
October 16 (Sunday) Teas and Syrups for Cold Season
Learn what homemade teas and syrups will nourish your family back to health during the cold season.
All classes will be from 10am to 1pm
$25 per class
$140 for the whole season

To sign up, e-mail April at or call 717-529-6100