Thursday, October 14, 2010

Elder Medicine to Spare!

Happy Autumn Friends,

Our family has had a great elderberry harvest this year and we have an abundance of elder medicine as a result. For the past couple months the pantry shelves have been loaded with jars of macerating berries. Now they are being strained, squeezed and bottled for use just in time for the colder months of the year. 

We are offering elixir and tincture for sale to help meet your seasonal immune boosting and flu prevention/treatment needs.

Elder elixir consists of fresh berries macerated in local wildflower honey and alcohol. It is sweeter than staight tincture, but stronger than syrup. It's great for children. We take 10-20 drops a day to build our system, and hourly when experiencing a cold or flu to speed recovery.

Elder tincture is a combination of berries and flowers in an alcohol base for a powerful blend of elder healing. This is great to have on hand for wevere colds and flus,lung infections and fevers.

Elder is antiviral, antiseptic, immune building, restorative, tonic, and calming. The flowers are also diaphoretic and diuretic.

Our elder flowers and berries are grown and harvested chemical-free and with love and respect. 

Both the elixir and the tincture are available in two sizes...
     1 ounce bottle for $10
     2 ounce bottle for $18
(plus shipping)

To place an order, send me an e-mail at

Love and light,