Stand Alone Classes

Stand Alone classes and herb walks for 2018
will be added as they are scheduled

Stand Alone Classes and Herb Walks for 2018

2018 Herbalism Series at
in Pike Creek, Delaware
Spring Tonics, Weeds as Medicine
Monday, March 12th, 6-8pm
Even before the first early greens are available from the garden, nature offers tender edibles in the earliest days of spring. These plants are just what we need to shake off the sluggishness of winter and gear up for the more active months ahead. And the best thing is... they are all weeds! Come discover the volunteer medicine growing all around you. We'll learn how to identify and use these plants, so you can go home and look for them in your own garden and back yard!

Herbs I Couldn't Do Without
Monday, May 14th, 6-8pm
After 20 years of working with the healing plants, there are some plants I've come to rely upon the most for the health of myself and my family. These are the herbs I couldn't do without! I will introduce you to these amazing plants, why I always have them on hand, and how to use them for everyday health and wellness.

Plant Walk, Medicinal Plants of the IWC Garden
Monday, July 16th, 6-8pm
The IWC garden is an amazing environment, planted with love and awareness. Come walk with me through this landscape as we seek out the medicinal plants growing there and talk about their gifts. Plant walks are always open ended, so we will see where this one takes us. Bring your camera, notebook, curiosity and questions. Come out and meet the living plants!

Herbal Strategies for Cold & Flu Season
Monday, September 17th, 6-8pm
We don't have to wait until we get sick to start defending ourselves against winter colds and flu. Nor is the flu shot our only option for prevention. Herbs have been used for thousands of years to strengthen our systems, boost our immunity and ward off invaders. In this class I will introduce you to many herbs that can be incorporated into your lifestyle to help to keep you well during the cold months of the year. We will also discuss herbal strategies for dealing with colds and flu when we do get sick to help us recover quicker. Participants will get to taste samples, and go home with lots of handouts and recipes to begin to put this knowledge into practice with their families right away

Herbal Allies for Seasonal Depression
Monday, November 12th, 6-8pm
Feeling sluggish, tired and just sad in the winter months is commonly referred to as seasonal depression. But, what if there was a different way to look at these seasonal "symptoms"? In this class we will look at how the dark and cold months of the year affect our mood, how to honor this natural cycle, and how to bring in herbal allies to help us keep our inner flame burning bright. 

$25 per class
To register for any of the above classes, email April at 

Stand Alone Classes at
Nettlejuice Hollow
(a United Plant Savers Plant Sanctuary Garden)

Eat the Weeds! Spring Tonics Growing in Our Yards
Sunday, April 29th, 10am to noon
In early spring, nature offers a bounty of spring tonics growing freely as the wild weeds all around us! Come out and learn the the medicinal and edible uses of common weeds that may be growing in your own yard. We will meet the growing plants and learn identifying features, how to use them as food and medicine, and sample some weedy preparations. You will go home with recipes and your very own infused weedy vinegar.
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Flower Essences, 
Energetic Plant Medicine for Emotional Support
Sunday, June 24th, 10am to noon (this class may run late)
Flower essences work on our energetic architecture to bring mental and emotional support from past traumas, unresolved conflicts or simply imbalance. This is subtle, but powerful medicine indeed. In this class we will make a flower essence together in the garden, talk about the history of flower essences, and delve into the mystery of how this seemingly impossible medicines actually work. Everyone will go home with a bottle of flower essence and the knowledge of how to make them yourselves at home!

$30 per class (includes medicine you will take home)
Space is limited, advanced registration required. (Kids under 12 may attend free with a paying adult)
To register, email April at

See you in the garden!


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