Herbal Wellness Consultations

I am now offering herbal wellness consultations designed to help you meet your health goals with the aid of the healing plants. As an herbalist trained in the vitalist tradition, my herbal protocols are designed to address the whole picture, the underlying root cause of imbalance, instead of simply addressing individual symptoms. I would love to help you find the right herbal allies for your unique healing journey. To read more about my personal experience and education, please visit this page.

Herbal Consultations
Your first consultation will be about 90 minutes in length. This will give us a chance to really delve deep into your overall health picture and investigate symptoms, health history, patterns of imbalance, constitution and energetics. We will look at diet and lifestyle, the health of body systems, emotional well-being and talk about your health concerns and goals.

After your consultation, I will offer my observations about patterns of imbalance and talk about possible strategies for moving back into a more balanced and integrated state of well-being. These strategies may include personal herbal formulations, dietary changes, lifestyle changes, or self-care rituals. In most cases, I am able to blend your personal herbal formulas here at my own apothecary using high quality, organic or chemical-free herbs I either grow myself or buy from highly reputable sources.  In some cases I will recommend buying from other sources.

We will check back in with a follow-up appointment 2 to 3 weeks after you begin your protocol to assess how you are progressing and whether your formula needs to be adjusted as your patterns shift.

The number of follow-up appointments recommended will depend on your health goals, how your healing journey progresses, and your commitment. It many cases, one or two follow-up consultations may be enough. However, for many chronic health challenges, it will take time to move back into a more balanced state of well-being, and several follow-up consultations will be necessary to observe shifting patterns and adjust protocol accordingly.

Initial Consultation

Initial consultations (60 to 90 minutes) are offered on a sliding scale cost of $50-$75 and includes your first follow-up consultation. At this time, all consultations are offered by phone. We will decide on a time that works for you to arrange our phone conversation. Afterward, you can either come pick up your herbs from my home in Cochranville, Pa, or I can easily ship to you. (see section on herbal formulas below).

Follow-Up Consultations

Follow-up appointments are important to make sure the herbs are the right fit for you. They are generally recommended 2 to 3 weeks after your initial consultation, and the number of follow-ups recommended will be determined individually. These appointments will typically last about 30 minutes. Your first follow-up consultation is free with an initial consultation. Additional follow-up appointments are offered at $20 per session.

Personal Herbal Formulas

Part of the beauty of doing in-depth consultations is being able to determine individualized herbal formulas just for you and all the patterns your are presenting with. These formulas could be in the form of tinctures, teas, hydrosols, flower essences, powders, salves, or one of many other herbal preparations. In general, I will try to find a form of the herbs that works for your lifestyle and can easily be incorporated into your daily routine. I love to formulate and have an extensive apothecary of handcrafted, high quality, herbal medicine made either from chemical-free herbs I grow myself, organic herbs I buy from local herb farms or reputable companies, or ethically wildcrafted herbs I buy from trusted and respected fellow herbalists. I love making herbal medicine, and it is my deepest wish that these lovingly crafted herbals aid you on many levels along your healing journey.

In general, herbal products recommended in your protocol will cost between $30 and $60 a month. Shipping is a flat fee of $7. You are more than welcome to purchase these products yourself from other sources and do your own blending. Blending your formulations from my apothecary is just another service I have to offer.

Acute Wellness Check-ins

For existing clients (those who have already had an initial herbal consultation with me), I offer 20-30 minute acute wellness check-ins. Maybe you need some insight on the best herbs to choose for a particular cough, how to support yourself through a cold of flu, or herbs to reach for to strengthen your system after an illness. These acute phone consultations are offered at a sliding scale cost of $25 to $35.


At this time, I offer all my herbal wellness consultations by phone. It is my goal to find a physical space within the following year. For now, a phone consultation allows us to be flexible when scheduling an appointment, but is less ideal than meeting face to face. Stay tuned for updates on locations in the future.

Making an Appointment

If you are interested in scheduling an initial herbal consultation appointment with me, please send me an email at nettlejuice@gmail.com.

I look forward to working with you, sharing the herbal medicine on your healing journey.

**If you are unable to afford the lowest cost of my sliding scale fees, please reach out with an email. I believe herbal medicine should be accessible to everyone, regardless of ability to pay.