Photo by Amelia Rehrman

"April Coburn has been the mentor of my dreams; I can't imagine a
richer setting than April's outdoor classroom, where what I've learned about the plants is anchored in visceral memories of leaves and petals backlit by a brilliant sun.  I feel privileged to have been among her early students and to have experienced the hands-on introduction to living well in my native place that requires, not mere books, but the presence of a passionate teacher..."

"I loved attending April's herbalism classes.  She is extremely knowledgeable and great at teaching others what she knows.  It is wonderful to be in her peaceful, beautiful garden, learning about the goodness of herbs.  I use the knowledge that I gained in her classes almost daily for my own family."  
Lydia Rehrman

"The Folk Herbalism series is the antidote to the sense of disconnection and powerlessness that modern culture can promote.  Through these classes my young daughter and I have both gained a new sense of respect and reverence not only for nature but for ourselves as elements of and in the natural world.  With the knowledge we have gained through these classes, we have been empowered to use herbs and natural remedies to effectively treat both acute and chronic health issues and to improve our overall sense of wellbeing.   We both also particularly appreciate the beautiful garden setting and April's warm personality and incredible breadth of knowledge, not just of the plants but also of relevant history, sociology, politics and human physiology."

"April is well-versed about the plants she grows and uses. She shares her knowledge of them in a way that is easy to grasp and understand. Elderberry is currently my go-to herbal product. Learning about the benefits of elderberry and putting its properties to work has been invaluable to me. It has kept my family from either getting sick or moving through cold symptoms quicker and with fewer or no side effects than either prescribed or OTC products often result in. April's Folk Herbalism Series of classes have made me more aware of the availability of better health for myself and my family. I highly recommend setting aside the time to attend one or more of these classes." 
Janice C.

"An opportunity not to be missed if you can possibly take advantage of it!!! April is an amazing teacher and her garden is a sancuary that will hold you spellbound. Taking this course in 2015 was one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had."

 "Taking April's 2015 Folk Herbalism course was a kick-start for me to grow my own herbal medicine knowledge. The location, in April's herb garden surrounded by many medicines growing all around, was inspiring and an ideal location for the class. Herbal information was not only coming from April, who has a wealth of information, but also from other class members. The fact that we made medicine to take home with us each class was a wonderful bonus. I thoroughly enjoyed taking this class and learned a great deal about herbal medicine in a very welcoming and inclusive atmosphere."

"The Folk Herbalism classes deepened my appreciation for and knowledge of the healing plants in a way that a single class could not. April's knowledge, love for our green allies, and excellent teaching helped me to learn to use the healing plants in infusions, salves, tinctures, creams and essences and create a materia medica of my own as we walked through the seasons together."

"Loved this course! Love April as a teacher!! She has a deep rooted knowledge of the plant world and a huge passion for bringing this knowledge to the people. You will learn about the history of herbal medicine and about the healing aspects of medicinal plants and you will become confident in making and using your own medicines as well. April's garden is a magical place and a wonderful place to learn. This course is great for the beginner as well as the experienced herbalist. I highly recommend it!"