About April

Even as child I was drawn to the wild rambling weeds, not aware of the healing powers many of them possessed, for our bodies, minds and spirits. I my twenties I found myself filling the position of herb buyer for the food co-op where I worked. I began to read about the plants I was selling. Soon I was seeking them out in the wild and weedy places around me. The healing plants have continued to grow on me since that time. Today, I cannot image my life without a knowledge of working with the medicine plants. I use them every day for myself and my family. I grow them in my garden, find them in the woods and fields, and craft them into medicines for the winter months. They are my friends, my teachers, my guides…

I have been fortunate to study for many wonderful teachers on this path. I give thanks to the generous wisdom shared by Rosemary Gladstar, Susan Hess, Pam Montgomery, and especially Ashley Elenbaas. My practice is also greatly influenced by the writings of Matthew Wood, Jim McDonald and ones who came before, now ancestors, whose teachings live on in their written work and in those who carry it forward today.

Today I practice, teach and craft medicine in Southern Chester County, Pennsylvania. With over 20 years experience studying and working with the healing plants, my education includes foundation herbal courses with Rosemary Gladstar and Susan Hess, hydrosols with Cathy Skipper, herbal first aid with 7song, plant communication with Pam Montgomery, advanced herbal medicine making with Thomas Easley, and clinical herbalism with Ashley Litecky Elenbaas. I am currently enrolled in the Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine's clinical certificate program. I teach classes in Folk Herbalism, offer seasonal herbal medicine shares, vend at the New Garden Growers Market and other local events, and offer consultations to help folks discover supportive herbal protocols for thier well-being goals.