9Month Course in Folk Herbalism

Registration is now open for the 
2019 Folk Herbalism Course 
This is a 9 month course on working with the healing plants 
for individual and family well-being. 

My goal for this course is to take you to a place where you are comfortable using the medicinal herbs for the daily needs of yourself and your family. Folk herbalism was once commonplace among all cultures. People were empowered to work with the healing plants growing all around us for their daily health challenges. We can reclaim that knowledge and that power, and begin once again to cultivate relationship with the healing plants. 

Throughout the season you will work directly with the plants--in the garden--harvesting--making medicine--preserving…  Together, we will walk the year with the healing plants, inviting them to share the richness of their gifts with us. It is my deepest hope that this course opens a door for you as you continue your journey with herbal medicine for years to come.

The Folk Herbalism Course will offer experience with…

  • hands-on herbal medicine making
  • developing your own materia medica file
  • begin growing a medicinal herb garden to harvest from throughout the season
  • begin learning plant families to help you identify wild healing plants
  • herbal energetics--how taste gives us clues to the medicinal actions of herbs
  • making and using flower essences
  • creating an herbal first aid bag
  • plant communication--the art of opening yourself to the plant spirits
  • herbal formulation--begin to develop your own recipes by combining plants that work together in combination
  • topical uses of herbs
I am also available between classes to answer questions and share information through our private class facebook page. 
If you are ready to take on herbalism and make it a part of your life, I invite you to join us for a journey to empowerment and reconnection. Our ancestors knew how to use the herbs for healing and nourishment. It's time to reclaim that knowledge. 

We will meet one Sunday a month, from March through to November. Classes will be four hours long, with a half hour break for lunch. Each class will include some discussion, some sharing, and some hands-on working with the plants in the garden and kitchen, with possibly a couple field trips thrown in. 

(see below for a second, Saturday class)

Sunday Series

Classes will be held on the fourth Sunday of the month.
  • March 24th
  • April 28th
  • May 26th
  • June 23rd
  • July 28th
  • August 25th
  • September 22nd
  • October 27th
  • November 24th

Saturday Series

Due to increased interest in the Folk Herbalism course, I am offering a second series which will be held on Saturdays. Here are the dates...

  • March 23rd
  • April 27th
  • May 18th
  • June 22nd
  • July 27th
  • August 24th
  • September 21st
  • October 26th
  • November 23rd  

All classes will be from 10am to 2pm (though we will often run until 2:30), and will be held at my home and garden in Cochranville, Pennsylvania.

We cover a great amount of material in each class, so please make every effort to make sure your schedule is clear for the above dates before registering. I make every effort to catch you up if you absolutely must miss a class, but missing more than one class will greatly effect the course for you, so please keep this in mind.

Upon completion of this course, students will be presented with a certificate for their work and dedication to a 9-month course of study in Folk Herbalism. But the true achievement is the confidence you will gain in working with the healing plants. They will forever be your allies. 

Tuition for this course is $640. A deposit of $100 will hold your space for the 2018 class. Once classes start, students can make a payment of $60 at each class, or pay $500 in full at the first class for a $40 discount. Class size is limited to 12 students.

Tuition includes handouts and all projects completed in class. However, students may need to purchase additional books and materials to complete projects at home.

Photo by Heather Sachs

I am so looking forward to working closely with a great group of future herbalists. I have seen the beauty created when folks come together to form a community around the healing plants. 

To register and reserve your space, email me at nettlejuice@gmail.com.

Bright Blessings,