Friday, November 2, 2012

Winter Syrup and Elixir Shares Available!!!

Well, I thought I was done making medicine for the season, but after making a bunch of yummy herbal syrups for last month's tea and syrup class my mind just kept coming back to the idea of offering a sweet medicine share for the winter months. So, here it goes...

Winter Wellness Herbal Syrup and Elixer Medicine Share
Sweet handcrafted medicine to get you through the cold season

Each monthly share will include one bottle of herbal syrup and one bottle of herbal elixir. These sweet medicines will be formulated with healing herbs specific for treating and preventing the common complaints of the winter season. 

I am also offering this share in two sizes...
Single/couple includes a 4 ounce bottle of syrup and 2 ounce bottle of elixir each month,
Family size includes an 8 ounce bottle of syrup and a 4 ounce bottle of elixir each month.

I am also offering a shipping option for those of you who cannot make it out to our place for a pick up.

Each share will be available for picking up or shipping out on the third Saturday of each month, November through February (four months worth of herbal sweetness!).
To begin with, November's share will include an elderberry/rosehip syrup to get our systems geared up for the cold season, and a choke cherry cough elixir. Subsequent months will include winter medicines like my gypsy flu elixir, a winter warming elixir, winter roots throat and lung syrups and other healing winter medicines. 

Whenever possible my medicines are made with herbs I grow and wildcraft myself and are chemical free. Herbs that I cannot harvest myself are always organic and from a reputable source. 

Here's the cost breakdown...
Single/couple share...$72 (with the shipping option...$92)
Family share...$144 (with the shipping option...$169)
Anyone interested can send me an e-mail at to sign up 

The first 10 people to sign up for a share will also receive a free herbal lip balm!

P.S. I'm only selling 24 total shares, so sign up quickly before they run out.
Deadline for signing up is November 10th, to give me time to get the first share together.


  1. Hi April, I am interested, but since I am somewhat new to this, may have a few questions. How long to the elixirs last? And should they be taken preventatively, ie. gypsy flu syrup or only if sick? I may need a little coaching along the way! :)

    1. Tracy,
      The elixirs should last a couple years, though I hope you would find them useful enough that they wouldn't hang around that long. The syrups are only good for about three to four months, enough to get you through the winter. I also forgot to mention I will be sending out an e-mail with each installment of the share about the remedies and how to use them. And of course you can contact me anytime with questions. Most of the remedies can be taken preventatively and in treating colds and flu, elderberry is a great example.