Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Poison Ivy Medicine...for the market

This Saturday is my first day at the New Garden Grower's Market. I'll be there there every second and fourth Saturday through the summer with lots of handmade herbal goodies. This week I'll be posting about some of the handcrafts you'll see this week if you come out...

Poison ivy is a very personal topic for me. I suffered horribly from it as a child and young adult. In fact, poison ivy sent me to the doctor's more than any other affliction. These days I don't tend to get such awful reactions to this plant, mainly because I can now identify it and avoid it. But I also know how to treat it right from the beginning to keep the rash from getting out of hand.

Now that my children are running in the fields and woods, and sometimes right through the poison ivy (even though they do know how to identify it), I am grateful to have remedies to offer them relief.

My poison ivy lotion is an infusion of jewelweed (infamous in poison ivy treatment), plantain and virginia creeper in witch hazel. This is great to use soon after exposure and around delicate areas, like eyes. For the poison ivy poultice I added green clay and peppermint essential oil to the lotion. This creamy poultice is great after a rash has developed. The peppermint helps take away the itch, while the clay and herbs help to dry out the irritating oils.

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