Monday, June 25, 2012

Iced Pink Tea

On my way to a birthday party recently I threw together an herbal tea to bring along, and it has quickly become a favorite around here. It is yummy, sweet, nourishing and...pretty. Now I am making it as a sun tea, every day, because the season only lasts so long, and some of these herbs are just best fresh.

So here is the recipe...pick a heavy handful of fresh lemon balm, a few sprigs of spearmint, some borage leaves and flowers, a handful of monarda leaves, and lots of the pink monarda flowers. Chop them all up and place in a large clear jar. Fill the jar with water and place it in the sun for the day. The water will turn a deep amber color. Now it is time to strain the tea. After straining, I pick another handful of monarda flowers and add them to the tea. At this point I sweeten it with just a little bit of stevia, but it is great even without it. Then store in the refrigerator for the night.

The next day enjoy a yummy and beautifully sweet and refreshing pink tea. So refreshing, cooling, and uplifting. And a hit with the kiddos too...

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  1. this looks sooo refreshing. do you think any monarda will work? we have one that is a named cultivar "purple stockings" i wonder if all monardas are interchangeable? this one won't flower for a couple more weeks....