Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Herbal Dream Pillows...for market

This Saturday is my first day at the New Garden Grower's Market. I'll be there there every second and fourth Saturday through the summer with lots of handmade herbal goodies. This week I'll be posting about some of the handcrafts you'll see this week if you come out, starting with some herbal dream pillows...

I made my first dream pillow filled with mugwort about twelve years ago, and I was amazed at how much more vivid my dreams became. These pillows contain lots of dried mugwort for dreamscaping, and also chamomile, lavender and a few drops of lavender essential oil, making them nicely fragrant and relaxing as well.

The outer pillow case is removable and washable. The inner herb pillow cannot be washed, but will remain potent for about a year. Next season, folks can contact me for replacement herb pillows to use for their case (or try making one themselves).

These pillows were a pleasure to make, but I had a little help...

Rainer was fascinated by the idea of a dream pillow, and asked me to make him one first, then he helped me make the others. He loves the lavender smell and has been telling me about his dreams this week. Last night's involved riding dolphins across the ocean.

Herbal dream pillows are great for adults and older children, but should not be used for babies and very young children, who may be frightened by the vividness of the dreams.

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  1. I love these. I have made them for years as presents, sometimes to sell. The first I gifted was to a lovely 11 year old who was so unhappy at school she had to sleep in her mum's bed every night. The night she got the dream pillow was the first she spent happily back in her own bed...her mum was really pleased...and the little girl too!