Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lots of new healing plants have been finding their way into my garden this spring. Every year I am eager to incorporate more medicinals into our earthspace. And it is a learning experience to find which plants thrive in our little environment, and which just don't like it here. Often the trick is finding just the right micro climate. In our tiny acre alone, we have boggy ground, shady hillside, open sun, stream edge, rocky soil, and fertile garden soil. Add to that all the little patches of protected areas here and there, and there is quite a diverse variety of little niches for different plants to feel at home. So when my skullcap fizzled out in the sunny patch in which I planted it two years ago, I found a more shaded and protected area for it this year. 

However, there are some plants that continue to dumbfound me. Every year I try to grow pleurisy root (butterfly milkweed). It is an over harvested medicinal, so gathering it from the wild is not an option. Yet, it is great medicine for respiratory troubles and I have long wanted my own patch to gather from. This plant simply does not thrive for me though. The bugger is that when I walk around the farmland surrounding my house, I see it growing in the hay fields, beautifully. Why does this plant do fine in fields of depleted soil, getting mown and sprayed (with I-don't-know-what), but refuse to grow in my protected and cared for space? Hmmm.

Anyway, here is a peak at some of the new additions this year...


 white sage





american spikenard

wild yam

As Richo Cech says, "Grow babies, grow". I look forward to the medicine making to come, and the lessons to be learned from the living plants.

By the way, if anyone local wants a great place to buy live medicinals, my plants come from King's Herb Nook in Honey brook. They have a great selection of hard-to-find healing plants. 

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