Sunday, August 28, 2011

People's Medicine--The Smashed Toe Compress...

So less than a week after my Poultice and Fomentation class I managed to smash my toe into the door frame, requiring a fomentation for myself. I thought I broke it. The pain was awful. So what does the herbwyfe do when she smashes her toe? Well, I'll tell you, though those of you who have been coming to the Herbal Home Health Series class probably know what to do by now.

First, I took some arnica tablets, then I made myself a nice compress of straight bruise and trauma oil, which I had made earlier this year and stored in the pantry. This is olive oil infused with arnica, yarrow, st. john's wort and chamomile. These herbs help to reduce swelling and bruising, decrease pain and speed healing. My toe was too tender to wrap it individually, so put the compress around the three outer sides and then bandaged it. Halfway through the day I replaced the compress with a fresh one, then changed it again before bed and left it on for the night.

By the next day it was feeling much better, though still very sore. The interesting thing is that the only area with bruising was the inside, where the compress was not touching the skin. This time I wrapped the toe all the way around with the oil compress. By the end of the second day the bruise was quickly disappearing and the toe feeling a lot better. Homegrown/homemade medicine and age old healing technique to the rescue!

(Lucinda, over at Whispering Earth, has a wonderful post about poultices and compress. )

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