Monday, July 4, 2011

Sharing the Plant Healers

The first couple classes in the Herbal Home Health Series have been wonderful. It is so amazing to share the plant knowledge with others, and just magical to see how it empowers people in their lives. After our first aid class last month I started to hear stories of folks using the plants for their little emergencies. This is so satisfying for me. For many years I have felt blessed to be able to use plant medicine for myself and my family, but to see others awakening to realization that the weeds growing around them can be used in healing ways is so satisfying.
Watching folks take down notes about the plants and look at them closely, as if seeing them for the first time, reminded me so much of my early days of learning about the healing plants. I was absolutely blown away by the idea that I could make my own medicine, using the plants in my yard, plants that I had never taken much notice of before. Suddenly all green and growing things seemed different, important, worthy of care and attention...respect even. That was many years ago, but the memory of that awakening will always be with me. Seeing others awaken to the gifts of the healing plants is absolutely amazing.
Even more rewarding has been the interest of young people in the classes.  I didn't even know plants could be used as medicine when I was their age. Seeing these girls make their own medicine stirs something in my heart, like a wound is healing from my own childhood. That connection to the sacred in Nature, the gifts of the earth, our living planet, to nurture that connection in our children goes a long way in healing our own disconnect.

Thank you to all who have participate in these classes. It has been a joy for me to share this with you.

Thanks to Lisa for her beautiful photos from the first aid class. Please visit her blog at EarthMama.

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