Friday, May 20, 2011

Medicinal Herb Walk at Bucktoe Creek Preserve

 (Photos by Lori Schnick-Ryan of Bucktoe Creek)

The medicinal herb walk at Bucktoe Creek Preserve last Sunday was so much fun. The weather was a bit chancy, but folks turned out to learn about the gifts of the wild medicine. It was great to meet Casey and Eli of Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative and Lancaster Farmacy as we took turns sharing how we each used the medicinal plants we found along our walk. The plants have so much to teach us, and there is always more to learn. It is always such a great feeling to share the gifts of the plants, but even more wonderful to learn more about them myself. This walk was both for me.

As we gathered back at the tables for herbal tea and food, one woman commented about how she wished she had learned this information in school. Yes, wouldn't it have been nice to actually have learned some life skills while growing up. We have lost our connection to the earth and her gifts and the knowledge of how to use them. I believe the loss of that connection has caused much of the problems we now face. But there is a longing to reconnect. Getting to know the medicinal plants and how to use them is just one way to reconnect with Gaia and, as Casey mentioned, re-wild ourselves. We are a part of the environment we live in, and our health is directly connected to the greater health of the living earth around us. This is yet another aspect of herbal medicine as people's medicine. For connecting with the living plants reconnects us to Nature, and that in itself is good medicine.


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